Strengthening the capacity of researchers and research institutions in conducting development research, in the North as well as in the South, is a priority of the Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences .

One of the Academy's endeavours is the formulation of guidelines, intended for persons who have to develop instruments for evaluation of research (research projects, researchers, and scientific publications), and to write the corresponding instructions intended for the actual evaluators, ie to write a 'specific guide'.

These Guidelines intend to provide a comprehensive guide for the setting-up, adaptation and assessement of evaluation methods with respect to development research. They are not a manual but will, instead, serve as reference for using good practices in the field of evaluation of development research.

For the best use of such Guidelines, please see the Introduction.

A call to the visitor for assistance

The present document is a first attempt, to be adapted in the light of experience. The visitors are invited to communicate their experiences and make recommendations for eventual improvements. The Academy hopes that groups and agencies with a long practice of evaluating research will not only use the Guidelines for their own tools and procedures, but would also send us comments after having applied the Guidelines.

Last revision : 28/02/2017